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Open diversified mutual investment fund «VSE»

Open Investment Fund «VSE» is a new saving product of Investment Financial Group «VSE», which provides for investors the following opportunities:

•    allows to accumulate in a practical form, without being tied to specific terms;
•    ensures the safety of attachments not less, than in the non-state pension funds;
•    gives possibility daily to work with savings (increase their amount or use already accumulated funds);
•    helps investor to look after and plan their savings, every day to monitor their condition and the financial condition of the Fund in total
•    provides a good yield, not below the average rates of deposits in banks (above inflation 3-4%) and its steady growth;
main goals in investing the assets of open Investment Fund «VSE» - are, first of all:
•    reliability of investments;
•    stable level of profitability;
•    maximum possible reduction of profitability fluctuation(uniform increase);

Ensuring all this we will provide due to:

•    high degree of assets diversification, including currency;
•    active investing into the non-stock market instruments;

The fund is being served by:

•    Custodian Bank – State Savings Bank of Ukraine
•    Depository –«National Depository of Ukraine»
•    Securities trader – «Dgerelo Ltd»
•    Independent estimator of assets – «Ukrainian estimated company»
•    Auditor - Audit firm «Audit-TEST»

Fund documentation:

•    Fund’s certificate of registration;
•    Prospectus of the Fund's investment certificates emission;
•    certificate about registration for investment fund certificates emission;
•    More information about us and terms of participation can be obtained by contacting our office.

There is also a day-night line of consulting from Investment Financial Group "VSE":
0-800-501-925 (calls from fixed line phones within Ukraine are free)
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