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What you should pay attention to when you are choosing a fund?

While choosing NSPF you should do some complex analysis of the fund according to the following parameters and requirements:


First of all you should draw your attention to the transparency and publicity of the fund. The information about the key figures of fund’s work, its profitability, number of contributors and members must be easily accessible and opened. Every potential client must be able to obtain the information about the work of the fund and its activity. If the fund refuses to provide any data mentioned above, any further work with this fund is worth considering. The Fund should be transparent. It is perfect if the fund has its own web site, where everyone can see in any moment the actual figures of its activity and there is a possibility to consult by its free telephone line.   

Experience and reputation of NSPF

Nowadays there are more than 90 non-state pension funds registered. Many of them, despite of passing through the registration process and having necessary licenses, are not actually working. You should pay your attention not only to a date of fund’s registration, but also to amount and sum of pension (benefit) payments made to the members who have reached the retiring age.

Conditions of participation

Every Participant must have the opportunity to define all the terms of a pension contract by himself. There must not be any restrictions imposed by the Fund in determining the terms (other than those that are strictly defined by the law of Ukraine). The Fund should not take any additional fees, except those, which are defined by the legislation and the Fund is not allowed to apply any penalties to you.


•    The amount of contributions – fund should not dictate or limit the amount of contributions.
•    Participant must also have an opportunity to define the duration and frequency of such contributions by himself.
•    There shall not be any penalty for delayed or incomplete payment of contributions as well as for the change of the terms of the pension contract.
•    Participant must have an opportunity to define his retiring age by himself within the frames determined by the legislation (plus or minus 10 years to the retiring age according to the legislation).
•    Participant is also allowed to define the duration and frequency of the payouts by himself.
•    There also must not be any fees for providing the pension payouts.
•    In case of death of the participant’s of the fund all his savings shall be received by the inheritors.

Participant’s assets Record Keeping

The Participant’s assets stated in NSPF shall be conducted using the mechanism of Pension Contribution Unit (PCU), which allows valuating of each participant’s share at any moment as well as the effectiveness of the fund’s activity in accordance with the percentage change of the PCU Net Value within the certain period.

Safety of the Participants’ Assets

The investment strategy of the Fund shall be conservative, because the priority is not only to gain a high income, but first of all to provide a maximum level of safety of the pension assets. The Assets shall be diversified not less than into 30 investment baskets.

Fund’s Profitability 

Fund’s Profitability means that the growth of PCU Net Value for a fixed period shall be higher than the index of inflation for the same period. Thus fund secures participants’ assets from the devaluation

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Pension assets - mean assets of a pension fund, insurance company or a bank formed in compliance with the Law at the expense of which pension payments are made

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